Interview Advice

Following the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak, our team of Consultants are on hand to support our clients and candidates, adapting to new and modern ways of operating, using video interviewing technology, ensuring remote working or workplace restrictions are not hindering recruitment processes, as we know first-hand the importance of interviews. 

Whether via video technology, face to face or over the telephone, interviews are your chance to make a good first impression on a new employer - and obviously hold the key to your next job! If you make the effort at this stage, you are more likely to be the kind of forward-thinking, hard-working, committed employee the employer is looking for.

You need to prepare - Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. 

Who are you?

Think about your skills, experience and qualifications - all the things you can bring to this role. Talk to other people about what they think are your strengths and weaknesses. All this will help you prepare for interviews.

First impressions

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Regardless of the job you are going for (and to a certain extent, regardless of the company's dress code) you should wear appropriate interview dress. In most cases, this will be a conservative suit (black, grey, navy) with a plain shirt/blouse and smart shoes.

Grooming is also important - take a hairbrush/comb and perhaps deodorant as well for last minute preparation. You would spend time on your appearance if preparing for a date because it gives you confidence if you feel you look good, and this confidence applies equally to interviews - if you feel you look smart and professional, it will give you more confidence. (Unlike dates, however, you should keep jewellery and make-up neutral and unobtrusive!)

If you smoke, try not to smoke just before you go in to your interview. If you do, consider taking something to freshen your breath and/or your clothes.

Be nice and polite to everyone you meet - quite often the person who meets and greets might say to the interviewer "who was that you saw this morning? - they were very nice", and all positive comments can count in your favour.

A firm handshake, eye contact and a smile are considered traditional business etiquette. If for any reason you are not comfortable with these formalities (for example, for religious reasons), please let your consultant know at registration so that you are not placed in an uncomfortable situation.

If you are offered a drink, it is a good idea to accept. You may get a dry mouth in the interview due to nerves, but taking a sip of drink is also a good way to buy a bit of time to think about the answer to a tricky question.

What do you need to know before the interview?

  • Date and time: make sure you know when your interview is (it sounds basic, but you'd be amazed at how many people miss interviews because they hadn't written down the date and time!)

  • Location: where is the interview, and how long will it take you to get there?

  • Accessibility: if you are mobility, visually or hearing impaired, have you let your consultant know what you need so that reasonable adjustments may be made?

  • Who is interviewing you: is it one person, or a panel? What are these people's roles within the company?

  • What format will the interview take: it is unlikely that you can do any preparation for assessments such as psychometrics, however, if you know what to expect you will be more confident and can also allow sufficient time for your interview (especially if you are taking time off from another job to attend).

  • What is the interview for: you should receive an interview confirmation from your consultant, and should be fully briefed so that you are sure you are interested in the role. If there is anything about the role you are not sure about, it is best to try to sort that out before the interview, otherwise, you might end up wasting time in an interview for a job you wouldn't take if offered.

What is the Employer looking for?

Where possible, read the full job description before the interview, and find out about the company itself (these days most companies have a website you can look at to get an idea of what is important to them). Talk to your consultant to ensure you have a good understanding of what the client is looking for. Then think about yourself and how you meet those requirements. You can prepare examples that demonstrate why you are suitable for the position. Remember that the employer is also looking for someone who will fit into their company culture - someone who will be a willing and productive member of the team.

During the interview

  • Listen to the questions carefully: if you are not sure what the interviewer means by their question, ask for clarification.

  • Don't talk too much: the employer wants to hear relevant answers to their questions, not your entire life story.

  • Don't talk too little: the employer needs to hear enough evidence that you are suitable for the position.

  • Be honest in your answers: if you don't know the answer to a specific question, it is better to admit it than to get it wrong.

  • Be positive: it is not considered professional to be negative about previous employers, so rather than saying "I'm leaving my current company because they're old fashioned and their IT is in the dark ages", try turning it round to say "I'm looking to work for a forward-thinking company who embrace new technology".

  • Think about your body language: don't fiddle with your hair, fidget, or look at your watch; sit forward in your chair and look interested.

End on a high note

The final impression is important. Don't rush out of the room like the interview was some ordeal that you are grateful has ended! Thank the interviewer for their time. If you are interested in the job - make sure they know this. There is nothing wrong with saying "Thank you for seeing me today. From everything we've discussed so far I have to say I am really keen. I look forward to hearing from my consultant how you wish to progress".

YOU CAN DO IT! You wouldn't have got an interview if you weren't potentially suitable for the role. Be confident, and think positive.

Sample Interview Questions

This is not an exhaustive list of interview questions, however, it should help you to think about what you need to prepare:

  1. Tell me about yourself?

  2. What is your understanding of the job you are applying for?

  3. Why do you want this job, and what qualities do you think you have that make you suitable for it?

  4. What have been your main achievements to date?

  5. What is the most difficult situation you have had to face, and how did you handle it?

  6. What do you like about your present job?

  7. What do you dislike about your present job?

  8. What are your strengths?

  9. What are your weaknesses?

  10. . Where do you see yourself in five years?

  11.   What motivates you?

  12.   Why do you want to leave your current employer?

  13.   Give an example of how you cope under pressure?

  14.   Give me an example of when your work was criticised?

  15.   What five words best describe you?

Questions for you to ask

  1. How does this role fit into the department/organisation?

  2. What are you looking for in the first 6 months from this appointment?

  3. What learning and development opportunities does this company offer?

  4. What do you think are the best things about working for this company?

  5. Who are your customers?

  6. How many people are you seeing for this role?

  7. What is the next stage in the recruitment process, and when can I expect to hear?


I have been with Sammons for nearly a year as a temp and during that time I have rarely been out of work. They look after their team well and are always ready to sort any problems. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Frank D

I have worked with Sammons for around three years now and have no interest in taking my skills elsewhere, it is the most supportive team I have yet to come across. The organisation really does care about putting peoples skills in the appropriate setting and ensuring that their staff get the work they are looking for. All the best guys and keep the hardwork up.

Frith L

I can't rate the Hastings team highly enough. They found the perfect role for me and I was lucky enough to be made permanent. A friendly team who place people where they are best suited, not just what benefits them. If I'm ever looking for a job again I would definitely choose Sammons.

Linda E

Brilliant service - so efficient and quick with getting you set up and looking for jobs. I was contacted within a day of applying and brought in to fill in and sign documents. All the staff are lovely and friendly. I would highly recommend Sammons, especially in Hastings! I was in a job within a week of signing up! Couldn't ask for more.

Becci D

I have no hesitation in giving The Sammons Group a 5 star rating due to the helpfulness and desire in them trying to find me employment. Their tenacity paid off and they set me up with a job interview of which on the very same day, indeed a few hours after the interview, I was given a job. So well done to all at Sammons who ensured that I was fully briefed with all I needed to know. Very happy indeed.

Malcolm R

The courteous and prompt follow-up of all actions was one of the best features. Sarah B-M handled all concerns and queries thrown her way with a professional approach and ensured satisfactory follow up through her regular correspondence. At all points through the process I knew exactly where we were and what was coming up next.

Nicola C

Sarah was very professional and listened and responded to our needs and expectations.

Phillippa L

Natalie was really fantastic, she ensured that I didn't waste time with roles that weren't for me or that I wasn't suited for. Natalie was understanding and supportive throughout, even when I was indecisive. I couldn't believe how quickly I had a new role and one that I am so chuffed with. Many thanks to the whole team but primarily Natalie.

Larissa A

I approached Sarah about a vacancy I'd seen in PMI News. From the first point of contact until after I'd started my new job I found Sarah totally professional and very approachable. She kept me informed and acted as a great conduit for my questions.  I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah to any candidates looking for roles within the pensions industry.

Judith C

The service provided by Sammons to  me has always been efficient and timely.  I currently manage two temp administrators supplied by Sammons.  Both have precisely met our requirements.  One has vast experience and brings real added value to the role.  The second has worked in all three of our bases and is industrious and flexible.

Patrick M

I have been registered with Sammons twice over a number of years and on both occasions they have managed to secure me a good placement for long term employment with jobs suited to my particular skills. Both placements have been with good employers.

David J

Very good recruitment agency - they never let me down

Petr K

Staff are very friendly and very helpful in finding me a job and supported me with any questions along the way. Would recommend Sammons for others seeking employment. 

Ruth I

The Sammons recruitment agency is great! Lovely bunch of people doing their best to find the right job for you. I would definitely recommend this agency and would use them again (but I hope I won't have to ) as they found me the perfect job I have been searching for!

Lucy C

This is the first time that I have applied for a job via a recruitment agency, ordinarily all the positions I have applied for, interviewed for and offered position to have been direct applications to the relevant organisations. Sarah was very positive and gave good advice and was very motivational. I would definitely continue to use Sammons based on my positive experience and would recommend you to my colleagues current and past for any future recruitment requirements.

Deborah P

Jo has placed me in a number of positions over the years, including jobs at prominent companies such as The Daily Mail, National Grid and Swiss Reinsurance. I would only ever use Sammons when looking to further my career. I cannot recommend Jo highly enough!

Spencer V

Amazing Staff.  I worked for Sammons Hastings for just over a year.  I always had work and they never sent me anywhere I was not qualified to do.  Always very informative.

Elizabeth C

I have been working with Sammons for over a year.  As well as keeping me in regular work, I have found them to be friendly and professional.  Unlike some of the other agencies I have worked with they have always paid me on time and correctly.  The staff in the office are incredibly helpful and are always willing to help with any problems that I have had.

Henry F

Great Agency.  Always willing to help.  Found fast temp employment through them which led to a permanent position.

Steve W

Sammons have found me a very suitable job and been friendly and supportive at all times.

Jon S

I have used Sammons Group in both Hastings and Eastbourne.  Had some brilliant jobs from them.  Whenever I have called or emailed they are all professional and polite.  Great agency to work with and fully recommend them.

Shirley P

For me, it's quite simple: the consultant I dealt with (Ben Christensen) was the best I've encountered in recruitment. As a candidate, there was really not much more I could have asked for!

Martin O

Faye was lovely to speak to, updated me with all updates I needed and sent a welcome package out with a card to my new place of work which I thought was a really thoughtful touch.

William D

Natalie dealt with me while Ben was away and I thought she was superb. She was polite, friendly, had knowledge of me and the vacancy I was going for and responded to my queries quickly.

Roger G

Quick to respond, knowledgeable, easy to talk to.

Colin B

This is the first time that I have applied for a job via a recruitment agency, ordinarily all the positions I have applied for, interviewed for and offered position to have been direct applications to the relevant organisations. Sarah was very positive and gave good advice and was very motivational. I would definitely continue to use Sammons based on my positive experience and would recommend you to my colleagues current and past for any future recruitment requirements.

Deborah P

Sarah was fantastic. She kept me updated regularly and was very supportive. She provided me with excellent information which really helped at interview. I felt she wanted me to succeed which gave me confidence in my abilities.

I think the team at Sammons are great so it would be difficult to suggest improvements.

Sarah W

An excellent specialist knowledge of the market and candidates.

Hannah C

Sarah was fantastic. She was incredibly knowledgeable in her space, and made the hiring process very easy. She really listened to our requirements and understood what we were looking for.

Lindsey H

I was called by this company on a Tuesday, and on Thursday I was working.  This came at such a great time for me and Sammons did everything they could to make my experience as simple and carefree as possible.  I would like to personally thank the Hastings office who made sure everything was running smoothly and for all the hard work they put in for me to get me working quickly.

Avenger P

My experience of working with the Sammons group was exceptional.  I would like to thank particularly the Senior Recruitment Consultant in Hastings.  She was attentive, helpful and patient from  initial contact until she successfully placed me into a perfect role.  I am very grateful for her perseverance and expertise and to everyone at The Sammons Group Recruitment.  Highly recommended to everyone. 

PS Can I just say thank you very much for the card, which was waiting for me at my new work place on my first day.  You are by far the best recruitment company I have ever met.  It has been a pleasure to work with you all.

Zsolt R

I had a really positive experience with Sammons.  I was very happy to find a temp job quickly just when I needed it.  Thank you!

Ellie V

I just wanted to say thank you so much for my time with Sammons, you have been absolutely brilliant.  I have really enjoyed my time working with Sammons so thank you for making the assignment run smoothly.  I have no complaints and my pay was always in the bank early!  Thank you again and all the best for the future.

Carolyn O

Great Service!  I was kept properly informed throughout the process.  now I start my new job in lesss than a week!  Fantastic!

Graeme M

I had been in Hastings for about 5 months before I finally made my way over to Sammons to seek help in finding a job.  I had graduated 5 months prior to that, moved countries for the third time, and was anxious to enter the workforce, but was unable to get anywhere no matter how hard I tried.  Sammons instantly took charge of finding me a job, and luckily, there happened to be a job just right for me straight away.  Sammons helped me prepare all the necessary documentation and were the perfect 'mediator' between myself and my employer.  More importantly, they offered me excellent support and guidance even after I was secure in my position at work.  I am extremely grateful to everyone at Sammons for their hard work and dedication and the excellent support.

Alexandra R

They found work for me so quickly - very pleased with the service!

Katie W

Sammons did a great job in finding me a temporary position that was suited to my skills and experience, and lasted a significant time whilst I was looking for permanent work in the NHS.  They listened to my needs and preferences and kept up great communication throughout my temporary contract.  The whole process was very easy from beginning to end, and I'm very happy with the friendly and professional service Eastbourne office provided.  Would highly recommend!

Graeme B